Role of Disability Advocates

When a person sustains some injuries and unable to work, he/she has the rights of pursuing a claim for social security disability and get it filled immediately. Those that have sustained some injuries and tried to pursue the claims can confess about the hardships they went through the lengthy processes only for them to wish that they had filed an application immediately. When one make the claim but denied the social disability rights nj, there are still hopes. There are social security attorneys and advocates that can represent them and assist in making the claim for both the past and continuing benefits.

It is very important to consult an attorney because the disability system function in a way that the claimant application may be approved on the initial application and may also be forced to appeal the case being presented before a judge. However, this does not happen all the times. It is an expected incidence when handling cases involving social security disability claims. According to statistics, it has been observed that most cases have a 70% chance of being denied during the initial claims and the claimant is forced to ask for a hearing to get their claim approved. There are big chances that the claim will go through with the social security disability advocates by your side.

The fact is the most of the disability claims will not be successful the first time they are presented and even at the consideration levels. This can also happen even with the representation of the disability attorney or a non attorney disability advocate. When the case is being handled by an administrative law judge, it is recommended that the claimant work with a disability advocate by their side. However, the claimant need to know that there is no guarantee that they will be awarded the social security benefits. The claimant will only have the confidence that the case will be handled professionally and developed and developed before presented for hearing. It has been observed that most of the claimant do not prepare the case prior to the hearing and this is the reason as to why most of them are denied. The attorney will be able to exercise their expertise since they are aware of the rules, regulations and potential pitfall that are likely to influence the outcome.

Some people have opted to file the claim without assistance from the attorney and still get the disability rights but chances are that few chances of success.

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